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Getting Started

New to this forum? Get started here. Let us tell you a few tips to start and what we value at Vectornator.

Help & Support

Do you have a question about using Vectornator or where you can find specific Vectornator tools? Have you got stuck at any point in your creation or are you just wondering how others might mastered their challenges? Then this is the place for you.

Bug Reporting

Something is not working in Vectornator and you’re running into a bug? Then this is the category for you!

Ideas & Feedback

We love feedback. Especially yours. And it gets even better when we get to hear your ideas too!


We will keep you posted and regularly share Vectornator news and announcements with you here.

Tips & Tricks

Share your tips and trick for using Vectornator.

Art Gallery

Vectornator is a community of creator and we want to give you a place to showcase your art. This category is meant to share your #madewithvectornator art and resources for the creator community. Besides sharing your own artworks its also a great place to stroll through the amazing pieces of your fellow mates.

Community Chat

It’s not all about design and vectors it’s also about you! Use this channel to talk about whatever amazes you and what you want to share with the Vectornator Creator Community.