A line Boolean type function to cut at all intersects of selected lines

A line Boolean type function to cut at all intersects of selected lines :blush:


I agree, it would be awesome to be able to use all the Boolean options with paths in addition to shapes. Could this be implemented Vectornator team? At the moment it takes ‘too long/too many steps’ to work with Booleans on open shapes or simple paths.

I believe Vectornator is all about speed, productivity and fun; the essence of vector art are paths, please team could you implement these booleans on open shapes/paths? :smiley:

For those interested/needing this functionality, follow these steps:

  1. Create your lines normally
  2. Select the paths you need to apply booleans ( for this example say intersect) do not deselect them yet
  3. Change stroke to a small value ( I usually choose 0.2)
  4. Ensure visually all your paths needed changed to that value, if you missed one you will have to repeat all the process
  5. Create outline of all the paths to intersect ( a small value on step 3 will ensure the resulting lines are as close as possible to the original lines )
  6. Apply Boolean divide to these new shapes, this will trim all the cuts. Time to deselect all the lines
  7. Select the lines that are not needed, zoom closely to ensure the “double lines” are deleted appropriately for each line not needed
  8. Select the remaining paths and apply Boolean add to merge them, this will create an inner and outer lines with the shape you were after
  9. Select and delete one of them, inner or outer (it does not really matter which) this will leave one line remaining with the result
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