Apple Magic Keyboard issues when trying to type in a text box

When I create a text box and start to type, some of the keys activate a shortcut for a different tool. For example, as I’m typing in a text box, if i hit “o”, instead of typing an “o”, it switches away from the text tool and activates the circle tool. So essentially, I cannot type certain letters because it just actives a different tool instead of typing the letter.

Please help.

Hi @Holden659 :wave:

Welcome to the Vectornator community,
this bug has previously been mentioned (see here) and is being fixed hopefully in the coming updates. I hope it’ll be soon :grinning:

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As a workaround though you can try typing whatever you need, into a different platform and then copy/pasting it into Vectornator. see here for more details (watch till the end of the video).

All the best!

Thanks! Admittedly, I only looked briefly, but did do a search for “magic keyboard” without any results before I posted. Glad to know they’re on it.

Hi there @Holden659,

As @Shazak correctly commented, this is a known issue and our team’s on it!

In the meantime, we appreciate your patience and understanding while we work on this.


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