Can I select/deselect all or multiple layers in one command?

I wonder if there is a faster way to Select All Layers, instead of either 1) using the Select Tool to highlight objects visible on the canvas, 2) tapping the layers one by one in edit mode, or 3) swiping right on each layer one by one when not in edit mode. I thought I encountered a similar feature for selecting all objects on the active layer, but I can’t find it now.

It would be convenient if I could select multiple layers in one or more of the following ways:
A. Using an iPad’s external keyboard, perform a shortcut that selects or deselects all layers in a document
B. Tap one layer to select it, then hold the Shift key and use the Up and Down arrow keys to select subsequent layers
C. Using either a finger, an Apple Pencil or other stylus, or the trackpad on and external keyboard, perform some sort of tap/click and drag gesture on the list of layers to highlight multiple objects/layers at once.

If you zoom out a little (if needed) to see all the objects/canvas, you can just drag a selection box (with the Selection tool) around all the objects (locked and non-visible layers excluded).
To deselect, tap outside the canvas/objects.

It’s the on-canvas equivalent of your option C. Fairly fast, and possibly faster than doing it in the layers list.

Or did you want to also include locked and non-visible layers?
Or did I miss the point somewhere?

Oops, even easier, the first icon on the Actions bar (up the top, the bar with the rubbish bin / trash can icon and cut, copy, paste icons) is a Select All icon (locked and non-visible layers excluded) or becomes a Deselect All icon if something is already selected.