Colour palette library

It would be a great option the have colour palette library in taps, so that you could navigate different palettes.
OR that you could have universal colour palettes and project specific palettes.

Hi @IBDJ nice to me too you. I can suggest you to add your topic in this post
Colors tools :red_circle::green_circle::large_blue_circle: in this way we can merge the similar features.

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Hi @lorenzo You too. I thought that it makes more sense to have posts cover a single idea because of the voting system (so that you know what you are voting for), but I see that you have linket this post to the other post, so that is nice :+1:t4:


I use saved color palettes in AI all the time since I have multiple clients with different branding specs. I really need something comparable in Vectornator in order to replace my AI workflow professionally. One way to implement it would be to include Color Palettes in Library > Templates, at least first in user saved custom Templates, but it would really be cool if there could be a shared color palette library to share to and draw from for new design / branding projects.

Hi @qrusnell in Vectornator 4.5 added a new Color Widget and a new way to manage colors through the Panello. I sincerely hope in the future Vectornator Team will continue to improve the color management section.

I have the latest versions on my Mac and iPad. Only difference is where you have “Pannello”, mine says “Palette” on both. It’s ok, and I’ve noticed it is saved by the app on the device. So all my documents on my Mac will have the same Palette, which doesn’t carry over with the document to iOS (as it would in AI where it is saved with the document). I inspected a document JSON file, and there is no Palette definitions there, which would be another place I would add it for better cross-device syncing. But I think it would be even better stored in the Library Templates (even though those templates don’t yet sync cross-device).

I don’t know why on my Mac it’s called Pannello, maybe it’s a bug. Anyway I am agree with you.

Hi @IBDJ, how are you? I think you will see soon this feature. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


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@lorenzo Really?

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