Function keys for ipad in Vectornator

Ordinary function keys for an ipad keyboard (not an on screen one) don’t appear to work on Vectanator. They’ve very helpful when watching tutorials. For example “k” to stop a video, “j” to send it back or “l” to fast foward it do not appear to work. Does Vectanator have its’ own set of keys to do this? If so, what are they?

Hi ishioka! You can find keyboard shortcuts in the middle of this post. You have to scroll awhile to get to it. Gestures & Shortcuts | Vectornator Learn iPad

Sorry, I don’t know where the shortcut keys for watching tutorial videos are. Are you talking about the video tutorials on their website?

Hi Funart Sam,
thanks for the tip. Yes. I am talking about the instruction videos. Many of them have a function where you press the video itself (not the below screen time time) and can set back , stop or advance the video 15 seconds.

Come to think of it, a hot key would also be a good idea for the form tool when you are making a circle out of an ellipse , It would make the work flow go a lot faster.