Gradient Issue MacOS. Change of gradient colors automatically changes fill type from Gradient to Solid.

Hi Team,

I noticed this issue on macOS (M1, BigSur) when trying to change the gradient color it keeps pushing me back to the solid instead.

The sequence is as follows:

Select a vector shape > Fill > Switch from Solid to Gradient > Select a gradient marker to change a color > Choose a color either from the color palette OR with the color picker > it does change the color as I requested BUT it also is switching me back to the Solid fill type.

I can still type manually the hex color code for each gradient marker but it takes time and is not that user-friendly.

I wonder if you’re aware of this issue and maybe it’s related to a certain platform.

Thanks in advance for your help.

P.S. I love Vectornator!

Hi there @IgorYakimenko,

Sorry to hear about this issue!

Would you mind forwarding a screen recording that showcases this in action? Also, could you please confirm your Vectornator version?