Hey, I'm Anna and I'm the User Education manager at Vectornator

Hey Vectornator Community!

My name is Anna and I joined Vectornator almost 3 years ago when we were only 4 people, can you believe it? :blush:
I’m currently User Education Manager and taking care of the Learning Hub so I’m the person to go-to when you have a question on how to use this or that in Vectornator :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
You’ve probably talked to me in the past already so it would be nice to keep in contact here too.

See you soon :white_heart:


Hi Anna,
I am trying to learn Vectornator. I have an ipad and a Cricut machine. I need to be able to turn SVG files into printable files. Does this make sense? Do you have a tutorial that might help me with that?

Hey @SpookyJulz :wave:t4:

Unfortunately no, we don’t have such a specific tutorial since Vectornator has limited printed options.
What are the prerequisites you might need in order to print for Cricut machine?

Reg. Exporting .SVG, you can read more on our Learning Hub.

Hi Anna,
Cricut machines only cut they don’t print. They use SVG files. Typically you cut out the layers in whatever color vinyl then place them together to make your design.
I want to be able to color in the SVG then flatten the layers so that I can print it out on my printer then cut that out on the Cricut. I hope this makes sense.
I’m really new at this.

Hello Anna,

Are there any Vectornator trainings on UDEMY or any other learning platform? These walk you through a few simple steps working to a more complex final project. I’m taking one now for Affinity Designer and running through it with Vecornator, but would be nice to have a dedicated course outside of the YouTube videos.

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Hi @AgtFranks great idea but at moment you can consult the Learning Hub - Vectornator or follow the official YouTube Channel.
I also advice you take a took the Design Tips - Vectornator is an online guide on how obtain the best from Vectornator.


Thanks Lorenzo. Tracking on the tutorials. From a learning perspective, speaking for myself, it’s easier to start from scratch and work to complex. A good example would be walking us through one of those images that come with the app from start to finish while teaching the concepts. I’ve looked at the different layers of some of those and have no idea where to start. Full disclosure my vector experience thus far has been taking pictures of my kids drawings and turning them into vectors.

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@AgtFranks you should create a new post in ideas & feedback where people can vote your suggest.


Hey @AgtFranks,

That’s a great idea but we currently don’t have any online course on external learning platforms.
On Skillshare thou, there are a couple users that have classes for learning Vectornator as:

On a final note, we’re considering on having an in-house online course soon, so Stay Tuned!!

And, as @Lorenzo suggested, feel free to add this in the Ideas & Feedback - Vectornator Community Space :slight_smile: