Resolution output of png does not match with selection (iOS)

Hi there,

I have encountered a very strange bug. I searched through the forum a bit but could not find this topic.
When trying to export as a png in the resolution 1000x1000, 2000x2000 or 4000x4000 the output resolution I get is 1001x1000, 2001x2000 and 4001x4000 respectively.

For some reason this only happens at specific values. When choosing for example 1001x1001 or 1100x1100 I get the correct resolution as output.

This might only be a small bug, but a bit annoying, because I would like to overlay several pictures with the identical resolution.

This issue was only encountered in the last versions. In a version from half a year ago I did not have this issue. Hope there can be a fix for it soon :slight_smile:

edit: using latest iOS version