Teacher: Struggling with following bugs, anyone know a workaround?

75 students on ipad pros 13in 3rd gen. 14.7.1
Apple Pencil and Touch

  1. When trying to select objects that are within the boarder of a larger shape, it always selects the larger shape even when the larger shape is hollow and behind on layers.
    Shift + select. Multiselect toggle. Click/drag all auto grab the largest object.
    FIX: None yet

  2. When moving objects in groups, vectornator sometimes gets it’s preview visual offset from where the actual object lands. (it still snaps correctly when your release, but visually the selected paths/objects look like they’re offset)
    FIX: Currently quiting out of the file and reopening it fixes it.

  3. For Laser cutting. If an object is filled with a 0% opacity fill, or is filled with a “clear” color, it no longer sees the edges of the object as the correct width. ie: You set paths to stroke 0.072pt (0.001 in) for the laser cutter, but if you have a clear fill, it won’t cut those lines.
    FIX: Do not use any opacity fills when trying to use CNC/Laser/fabrication projects.

  4. Selection randomly switches to node tool from main selection tool and appears to scramble/move around vector node points.
    FIX: DO NOT EXIT, this results in a loss of path/file. Still trying to recreate it consistently.

  1. When deleting the outter path of a shape that has a boolean subtracted inner shape, the inner shape cannot be deleted. To recreate, create text letter o, click “create outlines from text”, select the outer path 0 and delete it. The inner path is now no longer deletable with trash can above, delete key.
    FIX: EXIT project and reopen it.

  2. Not bug, but frustrating. When an object has a boolean subtracted shape on the inside, it doesn’t get selected or moved with the parent shape. Fix, maybe a toggle or something to allow objects with booleaned paths inside to count as main shape.
    FIX: Group objects together, but don’t forget to ungroup when editing


Hey, thank you so much for such a detailed feedback.

Can I ask you to share an example file with us (only for testing purposes)? Please send it to support@vectornator.io :slight_smile:

To find your .vectornator files, go to Apple Files App/On My iPad/Vectornator/drawings


Sent file used above. I’ll try to collect more examples as we go.

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  1. Possible workaround (if I’ve understood correctly): Hide the larger shape using the eye icon in the layers panel/list. Then select the objects within. Hidden objects are not selected when dragging a selection box.

Click the eye icon again to show the hidden large shape, either immediately after making the selection, or later after manipulating the smaller objects within.


Thank you. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Thanks. Using this method for now.

Has anyone else found work around for the other topics?