Vector AI Adobe Stock refuses to import

I have a ton of Adobe Illustrator stock (purchased from Adobe Stock) that will not import into Vectornator. The only way to get it to import, is to first open it in AI, resave the file and then it will open. This defeats the object as I want to get rid of Adobe subs altogether. I’ve tested with stock purchased on Vectorstock for instance, and they open fine.

When I try to import Adobe Stock vector stock, it shows the following error message: The operation couldn’t be completed. (WDDocument error 102.)

Could you please assist / bug fix the issue?
Hope to hear from you soon.

Hi there @Ros777,

Would you mind confirming the OS and Vectornator version you’re currently using and I’ll go ahead and pass this on to the team for evaluation?

It would also be extremely helpful if you could share a screen recording of the failed import process, if possible.


Hello Helen
Thank you for replying promptly.
I’m using OS Monterey 12.4 and Vectornator Version 4.8.4. I have attached a screen recording as requested.

Would it be at all possible to get a response on this as I’ve just cancelled my Adobe subs. :blush:
Hope to hear from you soon.

Hey @Ros777,

Thanks a million for providing that extra information as well as the helpful video demonstration.

I have logged a ticket with the QA team who will assess this situation and as soon as I have an update for you I’ll be in touch.


Thank you. Standing by for response. :blush:

Hello Helen
Has there been any further development on this? I’m still really stuck with a project using my AI stock files.