Vectornator 4.7 is Here 🥳

Hey Vectornator Community!

Today is the Day! :drum:
We are thrilled to announce our Vectornator 4.7 Update including more than 40+ improvements and a very special focus on colors :orange_heart: :yellow_heart: :green_heart: :blue_heart: :purple_heart:

With the 4.7 Update, we put a lot of work and love into features such as unlimited color palettes, improved Text features, a streamlined UI, and more iCloud Sync options.
Take a look at the resources below to learn more about the update. To get you started, we created some awesome palettes for you!

:arrow_right: Read our blog article to find more information about 4.7

:arrow_right: Have a look in our Learning Hub to explore the new features in detail.

:arrow_right: Check out our video: It’s all about Colors

:arrow_down: Download our 4.7 Welcome Pack with preset Color Palettes made by your Vectornator Team

:mountain:Blissful_Hike.swatches|attachment (3.9 KB)
:rainbow:Pride.swatches|attachment (5.1 KB)
:cherry_blossom:Petal_Rain.swatches|attachment (5.1 KB)
:hibiscus:Flourish.swatches|attachment (4.9 KB)
:herb:Spring_Joy.swatches|attachment (3.9 KB)
:fallen_leaf:Furry_Autumn.swatches|attachment (4.7 KB)
:carousel_horse:Playground.swatches|attachment (4.0 KB)
:fire:Campfire.swatches|attachment (4.9 KB)
:fountain_pen:Vectornator.swatches|attachment (4.8 KB)
:ballet_shoes:Pantone_2022.swatches|attachment (4.0 KB)
:piñata:Pantone_2022.swatches|attachment (3.9 KB)
_Apple.swatches (4.3 KB)


Finally the color palettes :star_struck:


I’ve been waiting for this a long time and it’s finally here!


Palettes, kerning, iCloud sync, UI improvements - fantastic new features, well done to the Vectornator development team (and everyone involved in the feature selection, implementation, testing, documentation, and support process - and anyone else I missed).


Absolutely brilliant update, fantastic work Team.
Thank you.