๐Ÿ“น Watch our Academy Videos to learn Vectornator

Our in-house video series is jam-packed with Vectornator Tutorials, from beginners to advanced, that will help you learn our tool step by step.
Watch them on our YouTube channel โ†’ Vectornator Academy - YouTube


Hi @anna are these videos what you guys refer to as the interactive tutorial or is that somewhere else? I just saw the interactive mentioned in the badges section and wanted to give it a look, but there is no link.

Hi @IBDJ / Ida, I think this refers to the interactive tutorial for the forum, rather than for Vectornator.

If you still have the Greetings message from @discobot under your profile, following the first instruction in that message (bookmarking) starts the interactive tutorial about the forum / posting features.

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

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@IBDJ although in the iPad app, you can tap the ? button in the upper right and select Start Quick Tour, but it wonโ€™t lead to a forum badge.

Hey @IBDJ ,

As @ButlerToCats said, those videos are step-by-step tutorials which teach you how to use the Vectornator App on iPad.

Weโ€™re working on more videos thou, so Stay Tuned!! :wave:t4:

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Thanks for your replies. What I was looking for was the tutorials with the forum bot. Thanks guys.


Do you have tutorials for using Vectornator on a mac desktop?

There are a few videos in the playlist here: Introduction | Vectornator Academy (Mac) - YouTube

And the documentation here is good: Vectornator on Mac | Vectornator Learn

Many of the iPad tutorials can be applied to Mac, itโ€™s just finding the equivalent feature e.g. panels are a little different, use of modifier keys instead of second finger operation or two-finger tap.

Standard macOS keystrokes usually apply (e.g. Cmd+Z for undo, Cmd+C for copy) along with other keyboard shortcuts rather than gestures or icons, and Shift is often the alternative to a second-finger touch.
Many features are also available on the Mac via the menus or top toolbar (which is customisable)


Hi together,

besides @ButlerToCats great input, thank you :orange_heart:, we recently uploaded a new Vectornator Academy Video for Mac. Have a look here.

All the best!

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thanks. this help me a lot as Iโ€™m diving into iPad OS + Vectornator.