Welcome & Getting Started

Hi Vectornators!
Great to see you on our brand new forum. This forum will be a platform for you and the whole Vectornator Creator Community (VCC) to receive support, ask questions, give feedback, share art and love, and to be together.

To secure a friendly and healthy environment on this platform, we encourage everyone to comply with a few guidelines as well as our code of conduct. It is particularly important to us to keep this site organized and the conversation respectful and constructive. So, please take a look at the following ‘How to Get Started’ and our 'Guidelines.

Thank you and welcome to the Vectornator Creator Community.

:partying_face: A few tips to get started:

Step 1: We try not to be strangers in our community wherefore everyone is welcomed to create a user account first.

Step 2: Browse through our platform and bookmark threads you’re interested in, like posts you enjoy, and be comfortable to ask questions or give answers.

Step 3: Be invited to introduce yourself in our New Creator thread and be part of the best creator community out there.

:heavy_heart_exclamation:Community Guidelines

By participating in the Vectornator Creator Community you are agreeing to our Code of Conduct. Additionally, we call on everyone to follow these simple rules:

Be respectful and human: We’re a colorful community with creators located all around the world. We speak many different languages and embrace our diversity. A healthy conversation and togetherness can only be guaranteed without hate speech, discrimination, threats, harassment, and personal attack of any kind.

Stick to the topic: The platform should give every new joiner the chance to get ones bearing. Let’s try to keep the forum organized by posting in the proper categories and keeping the discussion in the thread to the topic. If you need support on where to post your enquiries just reach out to our moderators or admins.

We have the same intention: We’re a Vectornator Creator Community and would like to use this platform to discuss product and art-related topics. Any off-topics or excessive promotions will be flagged and removed. Please keep an open eye on spam and report it to our moderators.

Now, which part of the Vectornator Creator Community are you most excited to explore? Let us know by hitting the reply button below!