Bug Text Copies

When I duplicate a text box in which there are text with differences size the copy don’t preserves all font properties like the size.
There is this bug on iOS and Mac OS versions.

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Hi @lorenzo

Thanks for reporting this issue.
I will forward all the information to our devs. We will be working on solving it!
Please stay tuned.




I’ve been having similar issues including that when editing one selection of text within a text box and trying to change the sizes, it doesn’t tell me what the font size is in the other text when selecting it.
As well as when I continue with other text edits it looses the different sizes in the text box and makes all the text in that box, for example when undoing edits.
Another issue I’m having with text boxes is, that it doesn’t allow me to make different fonts in the same text box.

Thank you so much for the app! its amazing!